Saturday, January 17, 2009

Coming Attractions

Attention Faithful Readers (Both of You):

My apologies that The New Macabre has not been updated in a long while (like, longer than usual even). I am currently without internet in my domicile (long, potentially amusing story). I am looking to remedy this problem (longer, less amusing story). In the meanwhile, I will have to leave you with some tantalizing snippets of posts that may be coming to this very blog quite soon. Possibilities include:

-A tour of San Francisco graffiti and street murals
-Further reflections on favorite childhood TV shows (Which was the gay Ninja Turtle?)
-Post Apocalyptic Possibilities: Cyborgs, Mutants, Zombies, and Survivors
-Battlestar Galactica
-Why I Hack (And Why You Should, Too)

Please alert the management if any of these sound particularly good (try not to flood the comments section all at once).


Tesla said...

Well, I want to see those mural pictures. But one the other hand, the future of the world is at stake! My personal vote is for the cyborg. Where do you stand??

Atom Yades said...

I'm a total mutant, no doubt about it. More on this later...I promise to have those mural pictures up soon!! I'll have internet at home again by next weekend.

Jules said...

We want more Macabre!

Your loyal readers are getting restless. Or so I hear.